Today's best-known senior executives agree on Storm & Company

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President and Chief Executive Officer
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

“Danelle is thoughtful, articulate and assertive. Perhaps her greatest strength is her ability to learn the company’s culture and needs through successive interactions with both our team and our candidates. Interactions are professional, crisp and timely on all sides.”

Founding Partner
Eachwin Capital, LLC

“Working with Danelle was such an opportunity for us. We were looking for a needle in a haystack. Not only did we need a special, and unusual set of skills, but it was particularly important that the individual selected could become a partner of our organization, with all that implies in terms of attitudes and compatibility. Danelle took the time to get to know each of our decision makers and came to know us more and more deeply over time. Her suggestions reflected her awareness of and sensitivity to our needs. Danelle introduced us to many excellent candidates. She used her extraordinary network to get ideas for people who might be qualified and interested, and was able to bring a very sophisticated and attractive group of candidates to the table. Interestingly, while she communicated extensively, she made those communications efficient. She herself never needs handholding. Danelle did an excellent job of helping our final candidate understand our decision-making process and working with all parties toward a successful result. I am so grateful to the person who recommended Danelle!”

General Partner
Mohr Davidow

“I have been very impressed by Danelle’s 30+ years of experience which spans multiple industries and geographical markets and therefore, gives her tremendous wisdom. This wisdom allows her to successfully challenge the status quo and pre-made assumptions as well as the process. Early on, she recognizes the key potential issues that can arise when searching for the highest level of executive talent, guiding the search process adeptly.”

Technology Partner
Eachwin Capital, LLC.

“Having recently left a long career at my last company I was looking for a specific type of opportunity. Because my time is the most important asset I have, I am always eager for an executive recruiter to hear what I am looking for and to help me understand the fit as quickly and efficiently as possible. Danelle’s hands-on, personal approach was a breath of fresh air. I found myself in detailed conversations about my objectives and how that fit with the opportunity at Eachwin where I am now the Technology Investment Partner. I always felt I was in good hands with Danelle.”

Chief Executive Officer
Platform Computing Corporation

“Danelle takes a mature and supportive approach to her projects. She adds a value to the client and the candidates that goes beyond hard work and her extensive network of high caliber people she brings to the table. It's always reassuring and a pleasure working with her.”

Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

“Not a day goes by without me appreciating Danelle for finding me this exciting and rewarding position as Intuitive Surgical's General Counsel. I will never take my good fortune for granted nor your key role in making it all happen. Danelle has changed my skeptical attitude regarding retained searches, but not in general, just with regard to Storm and Company. Intuitive sets a very high bar for its employees, suppliers and service providers. It says a lot about Danelle that she is repeatedly retained for key executive searches here. We have a solid team at the top and Danelle has played a material role in assembling it.”

Board of Directors
Progress Software Corporation

“It was a pleasure to work with Danelle. She excelled at both finding compatibility and managing the recruiting process.”

Vice President, Human Resources
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

“Danelle understands the importance of company culture in creating a high value, high quality executive search. She has superior abilities and insights into understanding company culture and insuring candidates are a likely match, which creates a higher quality of candidate interaction. She is keenly aware of the external business environment as well as market trends and maintains relationships with key thought leaders. It is clear Danelle values client collaboration and approaches interactions from a long term perspective. She makes the process a positive, professional interaction for both the client and candidates.”

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Jefferson Partners

“Danelle has the rare capacity to mine and harvest the opportunity a company presents. She thinks like a VC, an executive and a recruiter. Danelle understands that companies evolve in stages, and she has an incredible ability to match a candidate’s personality and pedigree with a company at a particular point in its evolution. And for us that’s no small thing, especially when you consider that most of the companies we’re dealing with are doing things that have never been done before.”

Chief Commercial Officer
Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

“I greatly appreciated Danelle's skills in orchestrating the process. I never felt rushed, nor pushed. Her ability to provide timely and thorough communications between all stakeholders in the search allowed me to make a thoughtful, objective decision that benefited me and my family.”

Chief Technology Officer
Cyworld, US

“Danelle’s running a very high-end and focused organization, and she’s extremely good at what she does. In my case, not only did she portray the Cyworld US position very persuasively, she was instrumental in helping me understand the role Cyworld can play within the social networking business and how I might personally be helpful. It took me about three months to make a decision (I had two other job offers at the time from highprofile Bay Area companies, and neither was easy to turn down) but Danelle kept in touch throughout the process. In the end, her insight, professionalism, and insistence that this was a great opportunity helped close the deal.”

Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

“I like her process — how she handled candidates and her periodic summary. She did a thorough job of whom to talk to, how she defined their experience, and her perceptions of their strengths and weaknesses.”

President & Chief Executive Officer
Broadcom Corporation

“Danelle may be above average because she was so tenacious — tenacious and aggressive.”